Fast and professional logistics services
Our network of foreign partners
Fast and professional logistics services

Our network
A global network of foreign partners

In all the years we've been operating, we have succeeded in providing excellent infrastructure thanks to our global network of renowned foreign partners. We have, however, always maintained our independence, so that we can react quickly to any changes on the market and are not bound to any corporate guidelines.

  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • Asia
  • Australia and Oceana
  • North, Central and South America
  • Northern and Southern Africa

Quick and professional processing

Thanks to our network connections with customs authorities, and our wide network of partners, we can guarantee quick and professional customs clearance.

We work across borders

Telesped maintains a network of international partners and works across national and cultural borders as a logistics service provider. As a result, we can offer our customers optimum and sophisticated solutions. The service we provide our customers is based on a combination of decades-long experience, the latest IT solutions and the daily cooperation of many enthusiastic people.