High standards in legal and safety provisions
We are AEO-certified
High standards in legal and safety provisions

Quality & the environment
Efficient and controlled processes

Taking care of the environment

The earth's resources are not inexhaustible. Within the scope of our capabilities, we continually work to protect the environment. This comprises keeping our file management as paperless as possible, ensuring the optimum capacity and route planning of our own vehicle fleet as well as the careful selection of sub-contractors.

Quality that inspires

Telesped sets high standards in legal and safety provisions, solvency, internal control mechanisms and reliability. We are an owner-run and independent company and will impress you with our quality and personal customer support.

Safe and reliable

We have AEO certification and are therefore officially classed as reliable with regards to the safety of international supply chains. We enjoy exemptions from safety-relevant checks, which gives our customers direct benefits. The goal is to safeguard a consistent international supply chain.